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Various Projects

Pendulum experiments.

Does the shape of an aluminum foil boat make a difference in the amount of weight it can hold?

Does the size of a paper airplane make a difference in the distance the airplane will travel?

Does the texture of a floor affect the number of times you must blow on a ball to roll it 1 meter?

Which color will get hottest?

From which container will the water evaporate the fastest?

Grow different kinds seeds in the same kind of soil.

Does the size of a paper clip affect the number that a magnet will pick up?

Plant growth under different colored lights or different colored plastic wrap.

Collect pollution from different outdoor areas by smearing Vaseline on index cards.

Does the distance an object is from a heat source affect the temperature?

Is corn with white kernels juicier than corn with yellow kernels?

Put same volume of oil, water, and sand under a lamp (or in the sun). Which will be hottest after 30 minutes?

Does the temperature of a liquid affect the rate of dissolving?

Do all liquids have the same boiling temperature?

Which dissolves faster in hot water - a sugar cube or a crushed sugar cube?

Does the time of day affect the wind speed?

Does the number of turns of the rubber band of a model paddle boat affect how far the paddle boat will travel?

How long will it take a parachute to land when dropped from different heights?

What happens to the length of a shadow throughout the day?

Does the height of a ramp affect the distance an object will roll at the bottom?

Do objects with different masses tall at the same rate?

Will olive jars roll different distances with different contents?

Does the amount of soap in a solution affect how long a bubble will last?

How do plants react to temperature extremes?

Does the amount of salt in hot water affect how much heat is lost in 20 minutes?

Does the amount of stretch of a rubber band affect the distance the rubber band will travel?

Does the height from which a drop of water falls affect the diameter of the splash the drop makes?

Is more force needed to move an object across a smooth surface or across a rough surface?

Physical Science

What variables affect the swing of a pendulum (length of string or mass of pendulum)?

Is there a relationship between the size and strength of a magnet?

What types of surfaces produce the greatest or least amount of friction?

What variables determine the strength of an electromagnet (number of wire wraps, wire gauge,
diameter of nail)?

What variables affect the flight of an airplane (materials, weight, shape, and angle of launch)?

How is the bounce height of a ball related to the drop height?

What variables affect the efficiency of parachutes (size, shape, and materials)?

Which shape of windmill blade is most efficient?

How does the length of a rotor affect helicopter flight?

Does the length of a ramp affect the amount of force needed to pull a load up a ramp?

Does the temperature of the air affect air pressure?

What effect does air pressure have on the bounce of a ball?

Which type of oil lubricates best and reduces friction the most?

Does mass affect how fast objects of equal volume will fall through a liquid?

Does the shape or mass of an anchor affect its efficiency (holding power)?

Which boat shape can support the most weight?

Does the temperature of a hockey puck affect how far it will travel?

How does the size of a wheel affect the rate at which it lifts a load?

What is the effect of mass on rocket trajectory?

How does temperature affect the bounce height of a ball?

Does the angle of launching affect how far a paper airplane flies?

What variables affect the distance a balloon rocket will travel (amount of air, nozzle shape,
angle of ascent, different pathways)?

Which type of material conducts sound the best?

Does type of string or string length affect the efficiency of a paper cup/tin can telephone?

Do different watt light bulbs produce different amounts of heat?

What effect does temperature have on buoyancy?

Does color affect the rate in which an ice cube melts?

What effect does color have on temperature?

What material makes the best heat insulator?

Which type of container keeps liquids hotter longer?

What effect does temperature have on the elasticity of a rubber band?

Which colors are best seen at night (reflect light best)?

Do suction cups stick equally well to different surfaces?

Does the amount of stretch of a rubber band affect the distance a rubber band will travel?

What design shape supports a bridge the best?

What shape of container allows for greater rates of evaporation?

Does temperature affect the growth of sugar or salt crystals?

What materials melt an ice cube most efficiently?

What is the relationship between temperature and amount of carbonation in soft drinks?

Does the density of a liquid affect its droplet shape?

Do all liquids freeze at the same rate?

Does the depth of a pan affect how water freezes?

Do different types of liquids have an effect on the rate of oxidation?

Does viscosity (thickness) of a liquid have an effect on the rate of evaporation or the
boiling/freezing point?

Does the amount of soap or glycerin in a bubble solution affect how long a bubble lasts?

In which environment will a bubble last longest?

Does iron rust faster in salt or fresh water?

What coating inhibits rust formation the best?

What household chemical helps preserve cut flowers the best?

Which chemicals slow the browning of apples or other fruits?

What food dry cells (tomato, potato, or apple) will produce the highest amount of energy
measured in voltage?

What kind of materials decompose the fastest?

What effect does temperature/packaging have on the ripening of bananas?

Does temperature have an effect on solubility?

Do light bulbs last longer when wired in parallel or in series?

Life Science

What effect do different colors of light have on the growth of plants?

Does the direction a seed is planted affect the growth of the seed?

Do vitamins or fertilizers affect the growth of plants?

Do mirrors have an effect on plant growth?

Does acid rain have an effect on the germination of seeds?

Does electricity affect the growth of seeds or plants?

Which direction will a vine grow around its support object?

What medium works best for growing seeds or plants?

Does temperature affect the growth of seeds or plants?

Is there a relationship between seed size and fruit size?

Which fruits or orange drinks have the most vitamin C?

How much of a fruit or vegetable is made up of water?

Do potato cubes gain or lose mass in salt water solutions?

What factors affect the growth of mold (temperature, light, moisture)?

What packaging materials inhibit the growth of mold?

What food substances will cause yeast to produce the greatest amount of carbon dioxide?

What effect does fertilizer, oil, or detergent have on the microscopic life found in pond water?

Do stream conditions (temperature, pH, oxygen level) affect the organisms living there?

What conditions (temperature, food, light, moisture) do earthworms, meal worms, crickets, or
other invertebrates prefer?

What effect does caffeine have on fruit flies/planaria?

What kind of materials decompose (rot) fastest when buried?

Earth Science

Are there differences in shadow length during the day?

Are there differences in the amount of air pollution inside versus outside or within different rooms in a building?

Are there differences in temperature in shaded versus non-shaded areas during the day and night?

How accurate are local forecasters?

Do weather conditions affect the broadcasting of AM radio stations?

Are there differences or patterns in wind speed or direction over a period of time?

What materials or methods work best for cleaning up oil spills?

Does the drop height of an object affect the size of the crater it will make?

Are different sizes and shapes of sand dunes formed at different wind speeds?

How quickly does a creek change water temperature in comparison with air temperature?

How well does charcoal filter water?

What effect does freezing or boiling have on rocks?

Which material absorbs heat most efficiently, sand, soil, or rocks?

Do different types of soils have different percolation rates?

What type of building design will withstand the shaking motion of an earthquake best?

Consumer Science

Are TV commercials louder than regular programming?

What type of glue (adhesive) is the strongest?

Which dish detergent breaks up oil the best?

Which light bulb or battery is the most efficient?

What material used for clothing or raincoats are most water resistant?

Which soaps or mouthwashes kill the most bacteria?

Are there differences in a family's use of water or electricity during the week and on weekends?

Are there differences in a family's production of garbage during the week and on weekends?

What amount of a family's garbage can be recycled?

Do showers or baths use more water?

Does the weight of a car affect its gas mileage?

Which threads or strings are strongest?

Does the amount of air space in a container affect food spoilage?

What brand of tennis shoes have the most traction?

What brand of toothpaste is the most abrasive?

Does the amount of fat in butter or margarine affect the time it takes to melt?

Which type of cooking pan heats most efficiently?

What type of suntan lotion is most effective?
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