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1907 British by Wilkinson

These Bayonets were produced for the Enfield Rifle in very large quantities and the intial models were equipped witha hooked quillion copied from the Japanede Type 30 Ariska bayonets.Many had the Quillons subsequently removed and very rare.this perticular bayonet is the Non-Quillion and is Made By Wilkinson.

The following table lists the main markings found on British-manufactured bayonets

Markings on British bayonets
Marking Meaning
'89 Manufacture date (1889)
11 17 Manufacture date (November 1917)
CHAPMAN J. Chapman; maker
EFD, D, or ENFIELD Royal Arms Factory, Enfield; maker or repairer (D - post 1925)
J A C J. Chapman; maker
MOLE R. Mole; maker
RE Remington; maker
SANDERSON Sanderson Bros. & Neubold; maker
S & N Sanderson & Neubold; maker
W Winchester; maker
WILKINSON Wilkinson Sword Company; maker
W.S.C. Wilkinson Sword Company; maker

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