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OK, this may seem a little perverse. An English page on English manga translations is fine, a French page on French manga translations makes perfect sense, but why an English language page on French manga translations? The justification, I suppose, is that there are people who know enough French to struggle through a book if it really interests them, but not enough to try pouring through French fan reviews to figure out which book it is out there that would really interest them. (That's the stage I'm currently at in Japanese - I'm willing to invest some effort into reading a few manga series, but it's generally not worth it for me to slog through the Japanese newgroups and web pages to seek out fan commentary.)

A secondary reason is that the French fans on fr.rec.anime form a separate group with a different perspective from the usual sort of "group think" you find on rec.arts.manga or rec.arts.anime.misc. Just as some silly examples, the French seem to love everything CLAMP but have had little interest in Rumiko Takahashi (beyond Ranma); and series like Tenchi Muyo aren't nearly as big as, say, Les Chevaliers du Zodïaque [St. Seiya]. So even if you don't intend to read any French mangas, you might still want to take a look at the reviews . Who knows? You might find out you have French tastes in manga. This might not impress your friends, but at least it will make them think you are weird (which, with your friends, is probably a good thing - trust me on this.)

Note: I read somewhere that you should never say your web site is "under construction" since almost by definition all web sites are continually under construction, unless they've been abandoned altogether. So I won't say that here. But (entre nous) we know the truth, right?

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