The Unification of Italy and Germany

For this activity, you will be doing a WebQuest. For this WebQuest, you will
research how the independent states of Italy and Germany unified into countries.
Read the assignments carefully and work on them hard.


Introduction | Task | Process | Evaluation | Conclusion


By doing this activity, you will learn Italy and Germany formed
unified states. You will learn about individuals who helped bring
about the unification of these states and the roles they played.

You will also learn about the events that led to the ultimate unifications
of these two countries.
about three monarchs:


Using the resources given below, try to learn about these two countries.
Learn how they unified so that you can complete the given assignments.


You will be working with a group and can divide the work accordingly.
Discuss with your group how best to approach the assignments.
You will turn in your work when completed.

(1) On your worksheet is a map of Italy and Germany. Using the resources below, identify
the different states listed below each country, and then draw their boundaries on your maps.
Make sure to label each state on your map.

(2) Use the resources below to complete the questions on your worksheet.
Check your answers and make sure that you have signed your name.


Map of Italy
Map of Germany

German Unification
History of Germany
German Unification
German Unification Documents

Italian Unification
Italian Unification
Italian Unification Documents

(3) It is claimed that Otto von Bismarck's actions are an example of realpolitiks.
Open a word document on the computer to answer the following questions:

What does realpolitik mean in your own words?
Do you agree with the claim that Bismarck's actions are an example of realpolitik?
.... Explain your answer why or why not.
Do you think that Bismarck, Cavour, and Garibaldi were justified in their actions?
.... Explain why or why not, give specific examples.

When you have typed out your answers to the above questions, print them off.
Put your name on your work and turn it in to the teacher.


  D paper  C Paper  B Paper  A Paper  Score 
Map Work   Countries in wrong places; not labeled.   Labeled; close to correct area.  Labeled; very close to correct area.   Labeled and exactly correct position.   4
Worksheet  Incomplete  Complete; several incorrect answers. Complete; a few wrong answers.   Complete; all answers are correct.  
Content and Argumentation of your Letter   just some opinions, not coherently presented, argumentation not convincing, stylistically inappropriate  basic development of argumentation, some reasoning, in parts convincing  coherent argumentation, comprehensible and mostly convincing, a number of aspects included  mature judgement, in-depth, well-reasoned, complex 
Language Proficiency (Letter)  a number of mistakes that inhibit understanding, fairly straightforward, limited vocab  some mistakes occasionally limit understanding, some choice of vocab and structures  fluent, quite some range of vocab and structures, stylistically engaging  very fluent, wide range of vocab and structures, some stylistic delicacy 


When you have finished this activity, you should hopefully have a better
understanding of these countries became unified. In addition, you should be able
to understand the actions of these important people and the role they played.