How to Make an Everquest Macro

Quick Macro Instructions

socialpage.jpg - 21065 Bytes Go to your Actions Window and click on the 4th tab for the socials page. This will bring up a window with 10 pages with 12 slots each that you can make macros in. It does not matter at all which ones you use. If you left click an entry it will run it, but there are other ways we will talk about later. Right click on an entry to bring up the social editor to edit it or create a new one.

In the social edit window you can click on the clear button to delete all the data in this box if you want to start fresh. Otherwise give it a title in the Social Name Box.

You have 5 lines of commands you can give it. I will detail this later but they're basically the same commands you use on the command line.

when you're done, click accept. It's very easy to forget to click and you'll lose your changes if you just close the window
editsocial.jpg - 50599 Bytes

Move the macro to a hotkey

The macro we just made can be run by clicking the social box but it's much better to move it to a hot key. Do this by left clicking the box on the socials page and while you HOLD THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON DOWN drag it over to a blank square one on your hot key pages. You can see where I've dragged my fishing macro. hotbar1.jpg - 17145 Bytes

Forage Macro

Lets show you how to make a macro out of an ability such as foraging.

To be able to forage at all, you have to have the forage ability in one of your 6 ability slots. On the actions page click the second tab to get the abilities page. Now pick a slot and right click. Another window will open up and you can chose an ability to put in this slot. You can "Do" this ability by clicking on the box, or you can drag it to a hotkey as before. forageability.jpg - 19882 Bytes
1 2
3 4
5 6
You'll notice there are boxes numbered 1-6. The command to "Run" one of these abilities is /doabilities (Number)

So to execute the forage macro you would type /doabilities 1

The Forage Macro Script

First Iteration:

/doability 1
Ok, as simple as it gets. Do a forage. You'll end with something in your hands in a few seconds. Or if you have Forage AA's you'll have 2 forages in your hands, maybe.
Second Iteration:

/doability 1
/pause 4
We had something in our hand last time, lets put it away automatically into our inventory. Lets add the autoinventory command. But we need to wait till the forage is done, which only takes a fraction of a second, lets put a pause of .4 seconds in, or /pause 4
Third Iteration:

/doability 1
/pause 4
Remember, some people are going to forage 2 items, so we better put away 2 things into the inventory. The /autoinventory just puts away what's in you hand, so if nothing is there, no problem. Lets add a a second /autoinventory

Special note about the /pause command

First off, we pause in units of 1/10th of a second. So 2 is 2 10th's of a second and 10 is one second.

Second, the /pause command is the only command that can be put on the same line as another command.
Third, if you do put the /pause with another command it must be FIRST even though the pause will occur after the other command

This is what the final forage macro will look like. I'm not sure if the /autoinventory command takes up any time so I added a pause. I tend to add a pause no matter what foragesocial.jpg - 55768 Bytes

Executing macros via keys on your keyboard

keyshot.jpg - 115813 Bytes Now that you have dragged your macro to a hotkey, Everquest lets you assign a keystroke to it to run it.

Open up your options page:
1. the third button on your window selector
2. or from the EQ button, theres an options key right on the main menu
3. or for me the shortcut key is alt-O

Press the KEYS Tab

Now it's very simple
1. From the menu select the hotbar that you moved the macro into (hotbar 1,2,3 or 4.)
2. Now find the hot bar button (0-9) that you used and then go to the alternate column and press the entry there and then press the button on your keyboard that you want to use. Everytime you press this key, the macro in that position for that hotbar, will run. I sugest the left or right arrow key so anytime you're running and you turn, you'll do a forage.

Note 1: Pressing the esc key will delete an entry
NOTE 2 : IF the key you're using is already in use somewhere else, it will show up in RED when you're done
When for instance you assign the left turn key to hotkey number 1, it works great until you change pages on hotbar 1 and now page 2 is showing. When you hit the left turn key you might just NUKE yourself if you have a NUKE macro there. So if you're going to assign something to a key like that, it's best to drag and drop the macro to the same spot on EVERY SINGLE PAGE of that hotbar.

Abilities page vs Combat Page

forageability.jpg - 6198 Bytes combatpage.jpg - 6389 Bytes
Ability Page
Combat Abilities

1 2
3 4
5 6
You'll notice the abilities page has 6 slots numbered 1 thru 6. These are /doability numbers 1-6
Melee Range
But the combat page only has 4 slots after melee and range. These 4 slots are /doability 7-10

by Morromid 2/5/2007