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Estate Appraisal of John Ballenger

St. Clair County, Alabama – 6 Feb 1832



Last Revision 8 Jun 2010




St. Clair County, Alabama

Estate Ledger


page 155






Appraisement Bill of the estate of John Bollinger Decd [1]


An Inventory of Appraisement of the personal property of John Ballenger Deceased or as much thereof as has been presented to us by the Administrator taken the 6th day of February 1832


Appraised the Cotton at Two Dollars per hundred

      1 Lot of Corn at                    30.00

      1 Saddle & Bridle                    9.00

      1 hym Book                            .50

      1 phial medicen                       .12½

      1 Lot Clothing & fine Comb          13.00

      1 Pockett knife & gross of Buttons    .75

      2 Bushels of wheat                  1.50




The State of Alabama

St. Clair County        

we do hereby Certify that the above is a just and true appraisement of the Estate of John Ballenger Deceased or so much thereof as has been presented to us by B Green the Administrator this the 6th day of February 1832

Attest                              Jacob Green

A B Whorton                              his

Justice of the peace                John  X  Dill







            [1] The surname appears as “Bollenger” in the title, but as “Ballenger” in the body of the document.


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