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The Amazing Flash Card Machine
There are only 10 flash cards, but if that is a good way for you to study, you can create your own.
Advanced Placement World History
Contains some nice unit sumaries.
AP European History Topics and Web Links
Mrs. Pojer's site is wonderful even if European history is only 30% of WHAP
AP World History
Very nice notes including graphic organizers.
AP World History Study Guides
Full text of study guides available on Google Books. These are not the current edition, but they are still useful for review. Do not use them for information on the current essay requirements.
Global Studies: Review Quizzes
This site includes a list of quizzes, each pertaining to a different region (eg. China) and indludes questions that cover all WHAP time periods. Very useful for self-quiz and interactive review.
Google Books
You can asccess many of the most popular review books. Most are earlier editions, but they still have good review of the historical information. Please remember that your teacher has the most current information about the exam and how to write the essays.
Houghton Mifflin Flashcards
Even if you are not using The Earth and Its People, this is a very nice collection of flashcards. Be advised that they are more detailed in respect to specific facts than are needed on the AP exam.
Maps of War
For you visual learners (or just students who are looking for a change of pace) these interactive maps have a qualtity of information. Majority of site is concerning War in Afghanistan and Iraq, but History of War, Leadership and War, and Imperial History are useful.
Ms. Markham's AP Review
Nice collection of links organized by areas and by eras.
Mrs. Pojer's Global Studies: Review Page
Wonderful collection of review quizzes - see how many smiley faces you can earn!
Mrs. Ruland's Internet Resources - WHAP Textbook Companies
All the textbook companies host sites for their books. Most of these sites contain chapter outlines and chapter quizzes that would be useful for review and test practice. World History Study Guides
A lot of advertisements, but some good information.
Prentice Hall -- Brief Review in Global History alnd Geography
This is not a WHAP site, but the MC practice tests are a useful review of ideas in a more relaxed manner.
A new site that allows you to make quizzes, flashcards, etc. It also allows you to share them with others (ie practicing for a test). It already has some questions up for history and government.
Regional and Thematic Outlines
Mr. Burnett, a WHAP teacher has created this collection of outlines that correspond to the WHAP themes as well as geographic regions. These are downloadable MS Word files. In the navigation area on the left side of the page, there are some other portions that may be helpful.
Regents Exam Prep Center - Global History and Geography
While the NY Regents Exams are a comprehensive exam like WHAP, there are differences in focus and detail. With that provision, this is a very useful site orgaized thematically.
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