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Euchre Scorecards & Rotation Charts

You are probably here for the same reason I scoured the internet endlessly at one time.  You have a group or organization that plays cards or some other activity that requires 2 teams of 2 people playing against each other in multiple rounds.  In my town, we played in a Progressive Euchre Tournament at a local tavern.  We asked people that wanted to play to show up a few minutes early.  We would get groups of 8 up to 16 people to play.  So, we needed varying rotations so everybody plays everyone.  8, 12, and 16 people are easy to rotate because they are multiples of 4.  But then there are times, when we had 14, 13, 10, or 9 people.  This is where we needed proper rotation charts.  After an exhaustive and fruitless search on the web, I decided to take it upon myself to build the rotations in an Excel spreadsheet that would change pre-designed scorecards after inputting the number of players!  Then print, cut out the scorecards, and pass them out.

I am offering the Excel file that I created.  It includes 6 pages:

Page 1 — You can input names and change the number of player.  (The names option is for those of you who are near a PC and can print out your scorecards on the spot.)

Page 2 — Contains your scorecards that fill in automatically with your selections from Page 1.

Pages 3 thru 6 — Contain the charts for player rotations of 4 to 16.

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