Netboy’s Truck and Camper Weights


Truck:   2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 4WD Ext Cab Long Box SRW, GVWR = 9200 lbs, GAWR-Front = 4670, GAWR-Rear =  6084 (tire limited), published payload = 3874 lbs (From advertising brochure: I'm sure it is not for Duramax engine and Allison transmission model, but I included here to show how you could get mislead),  calculated truck weight = (9200-3874) = 5326 lbs (definitely not for Duramax/Allison truck), tires = 245R16 Load Range E (3042 lb capacity at 80 psi cold).  Truck has added rear anti-sway bar, air springs, 4 Edelbrock IAS Performer shocks, front and rear receiver hitches, nerf bars, rubber bed mat and spray in liner, rear steps, front bike rack (this stuff adds about 400 pounds).


Camper:  2000 Lance 8'-6" Model 810, extended cabover, no A/C, published dry weight = 2222 lbs



Measured weights without camper -- Weight for truck, driver, and 2/3 tank Diesel fuel:


Total:        7,050 (100%)

Front Axle:   4,250  (60%)

Rear Axle:    2,800  (40%)



Measured weights with camper -- Truck, driver, 2/3 tank Diesel fuel; camper with full water tank and some gear (this is with NO 2nd passenger, food, cloths, sports gear or other camping stuff that I load for a specific trip -- will be another 600 lbs or so):


Total:       10,400 (100%)   [ 1200 pounds over mfgs GVWR ]


By Axle:

  Front:      4,750  (46%)   [ 100 pounds over mfgs GAWR-F  ]

  Rear:       5,650  (54%)   [ 434 pounds under mfgs GAWR-R ]


By Wheel:

  Rt Front:   2,325

  Lft Front:  2,325

  Rt Rear:    2,650

  Lft Rear:   3,050 * 


*[Driver, truck fuel tank, and camper bathroom are on left side of truck]



Calculated Payload Capacity of Truck:


(9200 truck GVWR) – (7050 truck wet, with accessories and driver, bed empty) = 2150 lbs.   Compare to published payload capacity of 3874 lbs from advertising brochure. The point is that in the advertising literature the manufacturers use the lightest stripped-down model of their truck (no diesel engine/automatic transmission, no trailer hitch, no rubber bed mat, no side-step bars, no added rear anti-sway bar, no added air springs, no camper tiedowns, etc.) so that the payload appears bigger, but in real life your actual payload will be considerably smaller.

Calculated Weight of Camper:


(10400 truck loaded) – (7050 truck empty) = 3350 lbs camper.  This is a wet weight, but not with full gear.  Compare to published dry weight for Lance 810 of 2222 lbs.



This truck and camper combo, with the suspension mods listed (rear anti-sway bar, performance shocks, and rear air springs), handles great. It does nothing scary when driving at relatively high speeds, passing semi-trucks, making fast lane changes, and rapid braking (the brakes are amazing).