This is a site dedicated solely to the preservation and improvement of the Dynaco FM-3, PAS-3, PAT-4, and soon the PAS-4. Keep watching! The Links below will take you to the latest and most complete collection of fixes and advances available for your FM-3, PAS, and PAT preamps.

Please feel free to contact me for any info or advice. I've done extensive work with the FM-3 and could be helpful to you. Please check back regularly. This is an on going project that will change from day to day, until it gets to be THE point of reference for the FM-1, FM-3, PAS-3, & PAS-4. You can contribute to this effort through email. You can also use this address for inquiries about items offered here.

One point I'd like to make clear is that this is NOT a business. This site is maintained for personal interests and for the benefit of others. Items sold here are done so for the sole purpose of keeping this site going. When you're ready to make a purchase, Paypal is prefered for payment.
Simply click on the mail box below and indicate what you would like to purchase. I'll send an invoice containing the name and address, (for checks and money orders), or Paypal ID needed for payment. After payment, you'll recieve confirmation and an approximate shipping date. When the item ships, you'll recieve a tracking #.

Led Back Light Module
Capacitor Board
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Mother Board
PAS-3 Accessories
PAS-3 To PAS-4 Board
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Welcome To The FM3 Zone
Dynaco Knobs
Warning! These items are designed to be installed where lethal voltages exist. You are buying these items at your own risk! If you are unfamiliar with safety procedures regarding high voltage, have these items installed by a Qualified electronics serviceman or technician..

The Tube Roller
PAS Tone Control Line Amp
PAS Aikido Cathode Follower