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If I had a Robot Yaccarino, Dan I 1.94
Grocery Shopping Yannone, Deborah D 1.14
Tamika and the Wisdom Rings Yarbrough, Camille O 3.30
Crow Boy Yashima, Taro P 3.70
Umbrella Yashima, Taro O 3.30
Amos Fortune: Free Man Yates, Elizabeth V 5.30
Girl In the Window, The Yeo, Wilma U 5.00
Case of the Lion Dance Yep, Laurence U 5.00
Child of the Owl Yep, Laurence W 5.70
Curse of the Squirrel, the Yep, Laurence N 3.00
Devil's Arithmetic, The Yep, Laurence X 6.00
Dragon Cauldron Yep, Laurence W 5.70
Dragon of the Lost Sea Yep, Laurence W 5.70
Dragon Prince,The Yep, Laurence P 3.70
Dragon Steel Yep, Laurence W 5.70
Dragon War Yep, Laurence W 5.70
Dragon Wings Yep, Laurence W 5.70
Dragon's Gate Yep, Laurence W 5.70
Dragonwings Yep, Laurence W 5.70
Ghost Fox, The Yep, Laurence P 3.70
Hiroshima Yep, Laurence S 4.50
Later, Gator Yep, Laurence R 4.25
Lost Garden, The Yep, Laurence W 5.70
Man Who Tricked a Ghost Yep, Laurence N 3.00
Rainbow People, The Yep, Laurence V 5.30
Serpent's Children, The Yep, Laurence W 5.70
Star Fisher, The Yep, Laurence S 4.50
Thief of Hearts Yep, Laurence V 5.30
Commander Toad, (series) Yolen, Jane K 2.25
Dove Is a Beau Yolen, Jane T 4.75
Dragon's Blood Yolen, Jane X 6.00
Eeny, Meeny, Miney Mole Yolen, Jane M 2.75
Girl in the Golden Bower, The Yolen, Jane Q 4.00
Girl Who Loved the Wind, The Yolen, Jane Q 4.00
Gray Heroes Elder Tales from Around the World Yolen, Jane Z 7.00
Greyling Yolen, Jane Q 4.00
Heart's Blood Yolen, Jane X 6.00
Hobby, Find Your Fate Yolen, Jane V 5.30
Letting Swift River Go Yolen, Jane M 2.75
Merlin and the Dragons Yolen, Jane U 5.00
Merlin, A Wizard is Born Yolen, Jane V 5.30
Nettie's Trip South Yolen, Jane O 3.30
Owl Moon Yolen, Jane O 3.30
Piggins Yolen, Jane P 3.70
Sip of Aesop, A Yolen, JAne N 3.00
Sky Dogs Yolen, Jane U 5.00
Sleeping Ugly Yolen, Jane M 2.75
Young Merlin Trilogy: Hobby Yolen, Jane S 4.50
Young Merlin Trilogy: Merlin Yolen, Jane S 4.50
Young Merlin Trilogy: Passenger Yolen, Jane S 4.50
Wings Yolen, Jane & Nolan, Dennis W 5.70
Key to the Playhouse York, Carol O 3.30
Big Al Yoshi, Andrew L 2.50
Brain You And Your Body V 5.30
Getting There Young B 0.50
Little Walrus Rising Young, Carol K 2.25
Cat and Rat Young, Ed M 2.75
Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China Young, Ed O 3.30
Seven Blind Mice Young, Ed I 1.94
Stories From the Days of Christopher Columbus Young, R. A. & Dockrey, J. U 5.00
Stories Huey Tells, The Young, R. A. & Dockrey, J. U 5.00
Moving Mama to Town Young, Ronder Thomas X 6.00
Big Fish, the Yukish, Joe M 2.75
Fishing Yukish, Joe D 1.14
Friends, The Yumoto, Kazumi T 4.75
Let's Eat Zamarano, Ana K 2.25
Rumpelstiltskin Zelinsky, Paul N 3.00
Fisherman and His Wife Zemach, Margot Q 4.00
Beyond the Mango Tree Zemser, Amy Bronwen V 5.30
Small Potato Club Series, The Ziefert O 3.30
Mommy, Where are You? Ziefert & Boon B 0.50
Best Castle Ever Ziefert, Harriet D 1.14
Cat Games Ziefert, Harriet F 1.42
Clean House for Mole and Mouse Ziefert, Harriet H 1.70
Dozen Dogs, A Ziefert, Harriet F 1.42
Harry Gets Ready for School Ziefert, Harriet G 1.56
Harry Goes to Day Camp Ziefert, Harriet L 2.50
Harry Goes to Fun Land Ziefert, Harriet G 1.56
Harry Takes a Bath Ziefert, Harriet F 1.42
Here Comes A Bus Ziefert, Harriet F 1.42
Jason's Bus Ride Ziefert, Harriet G 1.56
Little Red Hen, the Ziefert, Harriet I 1.94
Mike and Tony: Best Friends Ziefert, Harriet G 1.56
New Coat for Anna,A Ziefert, Harriet O 3.30
New House for Mole and Mouse Ziefert, Harriet G 1.56
Nicky Upstairs and Down Ziefert, Harriet G 1.56
Sleepy Dog Ziefert, Harriet D 1.14
Small Potatoes and the Snowball Fight Ziefert, Harriet O 3.30
So Hungry! Ziefert, Harriet I 1.94
So Sick! Ziefert, Harriet E 1.28
Thank You Nicky Ziefert, Harriet F 1.42
Where's the Haloween Treat? Ziefert, Harriet C 1.00
Pigman & Me, The Zindel, Paul Z 7.00
Pigman's Legacy, The Zindel, Paul Z 7.00
Harry & the Lady Next Door Zion. Gene J 2.00
Dolphin's First Day" The Story of ..... Zoehfeld, Kathleen N 3.00
Manatee Winter Zoehfeld, Kathleen K 2.25
I Know a Lady Zolotow, Charlotte L 2.50
Storm Book, The Zolotow, Charlotte P 3.70
William's Doll Zolotow, Charlotte M 2.75
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