RESUME - George H. Patrick, III

PCB Designer --- 19 Years

I have designed a large variety of boards, from inch square controllers designed to fit in an "ice cube" relay to an 18x24 inch monster designed to test thermal chambers.  I have worked with 1 layer thru 18 layer designs; thru-hole and SMD; hand inserted limited production to auto inserted with a production of millions.  I have also done mechanical designs for p lastic and cast metal housings.

Some applications I have designed for include:

I have extensive administrative, systems, and programming experience, including awk, shell, and perl scripts and experience with designing, coding, and administering web sites.  I have engineered, designed, and programmed automated test systems for automotive electronic modules.  I have managed scheduling and administration of a department of 12 designers and detailers, and have managed ECAD and MCAD parts libraries and systems level administration as well.

Systems I have worked on:

Here are some employers: