General Information


All students in Calculus AB and BC should complete the following once they are enrolled in my class.

1. Go to the page for your class and print out the Policies and Student Information Form.

2. Read the policies and complete the form, share with your parent/guardian, and sign.

3. Staple the completed form to the policies (form on top) and turn in promptly for credit.

4. When you get the policies back, keep them in the front of your binder for reference. 



Looking for a calculator? Click here to see a flyer from Texas Instruments on their line of calculators.



1. For 2015-2016, I plan to be in my room most mornings by 7:50am, and immediately after school for about 15 to 20 minutes. My room will also be open during BOTH LUNCHES as I am coordinating the Math Mentoring Program during this time; I am typically available to answer questions during this time.

2. Some of my past students have indicated that the online tutoring service available for FREE through the Alameda County Library is actually very helpful. While I have not tried it myself, if you are interested in an opportunity to ask questions when you are doing your homework or studying, I suggest you check it out. Click hereto go directly to the website. It is called Brain Fuse. You need an Alameda County library card number to access the service.

3. The website below provides free video lectures/presentations that are topic specific in high school math courses from Algebra through Calculus. Recommended by some of my students, these videos can provide good reinforcement of concepts covered in class, and if you are willing to invest the time and watch them with undivided attention, they may help you improve your understanding and overall success in mathematics!

Free math videos

Click on the link called to view the youtube videos.


4. A popular website for online help is The Khan Academy. I encourage you to check it out.


5. A more recent find is, which offers short tutorials on a variety of topics that you can access from your smartphone as well. 


No matter where and to whom go for help, go be prepared with specific questions and materials.




You will need your ID and the password sent to you by email from Mr. Prucha. 




 CAL DAY EXTRA CREDIT: Every spring, visit UC Berkeley on Cal Day and earn NINE test points by doing the following:

1. Visit the campus during official Cal Day hours. Take your time and enjoy yourself. There are a lot of cool things they plan every year!

2. Collect at least FIVE brochures/flyers from various programs or departments that are officially participating in Cal Day.

3. Take a selfie of yourself in front of Sather Gate and the Campanile.

4. Visit or attend at least one special event (lecture, presentation, etc.) and take a selfie there.

5. Print your selfies on one sheet of paper (black and white is fine) and write down the details of the event you attended next to the picture of yourself there.

6. For information on Cal Day, visit their website.

7. You may also attend an equivalent event at another university and earn extra credit by completing the same or equivalent activities. See me about this, especially if it is not on the same date as Cal Day.



FOR ALL OF MY CALCULUS STUDENTS: Want to do math "outside the box"? Then sign up to take a FREE online course in mathematical thinking from Stanford (that's right, I said it!). For more info, check out the website and register! 10 test points to earn a Statement of Accomplishment and 15 test points to earn an Accomplishment with Distinction. As far as I know, you may defer this opportunity until the spring as the course appears to be offered each quarter at Stanford. There is a time commitment, so keep this in mind should you consider it. Trusting your integrity, I will accept the certificates at the end of the quarter by email in pdf format.


Jedi Master Prucha