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Roxanne believes having the proper foundation to learning is the key to making it easy and fun. She strongly believes in learning by doing, and not just imitating. As we use different senses when learning piano, emphasis is on learning to read music without looking down at the keys eventually. This is what makes a fair sight-reader a great sight-reader. Learning to listen to oneself is another vital component. Roxanne uses imagery and many other art forms to connect the child or adult to what they are playing and how they are playing. The change of sound is amazing when imagination takes over.

"Not only has playing the piano been my first love, it is what has taught me about being patient, persistent, meeting challenges and most importantly, given me self-confidence in life. It can only enhance a self, and although I am a very disciplined teacher, I do it with love. My hope is to instill these things in each student so that they can connect what they learn to their own lives as well."

The focus of each lesson is on technique, including scales, chords, and arpeggios, sight-reading, theory to gain a better understanding of how music is structured, and a variety of music to learn different styles. Students come to see that music is built on chords, scales and arpeggios. Having that foundation makes it much easier to learn the pieces. Playing duets or in small ensembles is also important to learn how to listen to others as well.

Lessons are 30/45/60 minutes, once a week, in Roxanne's studio, and all ages are welcome.

Introductory lesson is complimentary!

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