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Miniature Landscape Class Sample

This is the class sample for Landscape 101 - I provide two patterns, then demonstrate and work through the entire process of enlarging, piecing, painting, appliquéing, and creating thread appliqués on the sewing machine so that, eventually, you can create fabric art from your own photographs. In Miniature Landscapes 201 and 301, the student brings their own photograph, and works through the process, using a wide variety of techniques. (This quilt is 8-1/2" x 11")

As an example of what can be done using these techniques, look at the City of Newark Quilt, below.

(City of Newark, 72" x 60")

This quilt was commissioned by the City of Newark, California, and is located in their Community Center. It was based on 11 actual photographs of Newark, its people and places. The Mayor of Newark wanted a quilt to speak about his city as a place to "work, play, shop, and pray." Its base is a map of the City, with an overlay of ribbons of fabric from all over the world to represent its myriad ethnic cultures. Miniatures of the city speak of its culture, its recreational facilities, its churches and malls, its workplaces and schools. Across the top is a border of people holding hands; up the sides are rainbows of color; along the bottom are the names of the Mayor and the City Council at the time the quilt was commissioned. If you'd like to see this quilt, it is located in the lobby of the City of Newark Community Center in Newark, California.
I LOVE teaching the miniature landscape sampler class. I teach this class several ways, depending on the attention span of each class:

Three-hour version of Miniature Landscapes 101: Some guilds have a limited time available for workshops, so I have developed a 3-hour, demonstration only version of the class. Students don't have to bring any supplies or pick out any fabric, they simply come and watch as the process of changing a photograph into a fabric art miniature is completed before their very eyes. The students receive a comprehensive handout of all of the techniques, ask any questions they need to, and gain a considerable amount of insight into several construction and embellishment techniques.

Miniature Landscapes 101 (One day): This is a concentrated hands-on workshop. In the course of this workshop, the complex process of designing a work using several techniques is explored, along with color theory as it applies to making a landscape three-dimensional. The class begins with a line drawing, then progresses through foundation piecing, curved piecing, burnt edge hand appliqué, strip piecing, invisible machine appliqué, how to deal successfully with metallic and rayon threads, then free motion embroidery on Solvy. There is not time in this six-hour workshop to complete the entire landscape, but each process is begun, and the student has a hand-out of directions to finish mounting the landscape when it is complete. This class can also be done as a 1-1/2 day or 2-day class, to allow for the student to finish the landscape completely and learn a few more techniques such as ribbon embroidery, free motion quilting and/or mounting the finished picture.  

The tiny quilt on the far left (7" x 9") was a "Postcard Quilt" made for the San Diego Quilt Show.  It was based on the photo in the center, of me standing in front of the Pont du Gard in France, in a VERY expensive French restaurant (we could only afford one glass of wine and some cheese and crackers there).  Making this miniature was a great deal of fun - I just kept posing questions and trying to answer them the best way I could.  I have since made a full-size (48" x 63") version of this quilt for my husband's office.  Believe me, it took MUCH longer than the miniature did, and wasn't half as much fun!
This is the type of thing we do in the Miniature Landscapes 201 and 301 class.  You bring your OWN photo and we'll work on making it into a miniature (or not so miniature) fabric wall hanging!

Landscapes 201 (Two days): This workshop is designed to follow Landscape 101, but I also teach it in a two-day guild presentation, where I demonstrate Landscape 101 in 3 hours, then the students begin to work either on my landscape pattern, or on a work of their own, depending on their own comfort level.  If the student decides to work on my pattern, they will probably finish it in the two days.  If a student brings their own photograph, they will begin their piece and learn to complete it, using the demonstrated techniques to design and create their own, original work.

(Friendship Bridge, 19" x 22")

For example, on the right is the photo that the quilt on the left is based on. This is the miniature version, something a person could easily get done in two days' time.

The flowers are soft edge appliquéd, the people are painted and colored in chalk, the bridge is fused, the borders are a single fabric and a sheer silk ribbon.

Landscapes 301 (Three to five days - suitable for retreats, conferences, etc.) This workshop is a comprehensive exploration of techniques that can be used to create fabric art landscapes or garments. To begin, the student completes a miniature landscape using the teacher's pattern to absorb the techniques and processes needed to develop their own work. Following completion of that, the student brings their own photograph to do-able size and proceeds to use the learned techniques to recreate their photograph in fabric.  This extended class gives people the luxury to have the time to absorb new techniques thoroughly, and make them their own.
Here is a much larger version, based on the same photograph as used above in the Friendship Bridge quilt, but using the same philosophy and more techniques. The center image took five days, using invisible machine appliqué, hand embroidery, silk ribbon embroidery, fabric painting, hand appliqué, and 3-D effects using Steam a Seam II to make three- dimensional rose leaves and butterflies. The borders took forever. It is queen sized, to the floor. This is the type of thing a person could start in a 5 day class, and have the techniques and tools to finish it on their own.

(Roses for Remembrance, 108" x 102")

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