Allegheny Chapter of the North American Rock Garden Society

The Ruth Young Library

2006 Book List


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A Handbook of Rock Gardening / Alpine Garden Society

A Rock Garden Handbook for Beginners / NARGS

Adrian Bloom’s Guide to Alpines / Adrian Bloom

All About Lawns / Ortho Books

All About Rock Gardens and Plants / Walter A. Kolaga

Alliums, The Ornamental Onions / Dilys Davies

Alpen-Blumen / Herbert Reisigl (In German but pictures are beautiful)

Alpine Garden Plants / Will Ingwersen

Alpine House, The / Robert Rolfe

Alpine Plants of China, The / Zhang Jingwei

Alpine Plants of North America, An Encyclopedia of Mountain Flowers from the Rockies to Alaska / Graham Nicholls

Alpines / Will Ingwersen

Alpines for Your Garden / Alan Bloom

Alpines in Colour and Cultivation / T.C. Mansfield

Alpines in Pots / R. C. Elliott

Alpines in Sinks and Troughs / Joe Elliott

Alpines in the Open Garden / Jack Elliott

Alpines - Step by Step to Growing Success / Mary A. Robinson

Alpines the Easy Way / Joe Elliott

An Illustrated Guide to Alpines / Michael Upward

Arranging Cut Flowers / Ortho Books

Androsaces / G. F. Smith and D. B. Lowe

Auricula, The / Rowland H. Biffen, F.R.S.

Award Winning Small Space Gardens / Ortho Books Editorial Staff


Beautiful Rock Gardens and Alpine Plants / John Warwick

Bonsai / Sunset Books

Book of Rock and Water Gardens, The / Charles Thonger

Border in Colour, The / T. C. Mansfield

Bulbs for the Rock Garden / Jack Elliott

Bulbs of North America / The North American Rock Garden Society


Cacti and Succulent from Mother Nature / Future Crafts Today

Campanulas and Bellflowers in Cultivation / H. Clifford Crook

Collector's Alpines - Their Cultivation in Frames and Alpine Houses / Royton E Heath

Collins Guide to Alpines and Rock Garden Plants / Anna N. Griffith

Colour Schemes for the Flower Garden / Gertrude Jekyll

Complete Book of Bulbs, The / Brian Matthew and Philip Swindells

Complete Book of the Garden / Reader's Digest

Conifers / D. M. van Gelderen and J. R. P. van Hoey Smith

Controlling Lawn and Garden Insects / Ortho Books

Cottage Garden and the Old-Fashioned Flowers, The / Roy Genders

Colour Dictionary of Garden Plants with House and Greenhouse Plants, The / Roy Hay and Patrick M. Synge

Cushion Plants for the Rock Garden / Duncan Lowe

Cuttings from a Rock Garden / H. Lincoln Foster and Laura Foster

Cyclamen / Christopher Grey-Wilson


Dionysias - Supplement and Key (1976) / C. Grey-Wilson

Dwarf Conifers / Plants and Gardens Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record


Easy Maintenance Gardening / Ortho Books

Englishman's Garden, The / Alvilde Lees-Milne and Rosemary Verey

Ericaceous and Peat Loving Plants / S. E. Lilley


Fences and Gates / Editors of Sunset Books

Flowers of Britain and Europe, The / Oleg Polunin

Fritillaries - The Gardener's Guide to Growing / Kevin Pratt and Michael Jefferson-Brown


Garden Hobbies / Estelle H. Ries

Garden Ornaments and Statuary / Peter McHoy

Garden Pools and Fountains / The Editorial Staff of Ortho Books

Gardener's Year, The / Karel Capek (2 books)

Gardening with Alpines / Stanley B. Whitehead, D.S.C.

Gardening with Native Wild Flowers / Samuel B. Jones, Jr. and Leonard E. Foote

Gardening with Wild Flowers / Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record-Plants and Gardens

Gentians / Mary Bartlett

Genus Epimedium and Other Herbaceous Berberidaceae Including the Genus Podophyllum, The / William T. Stearn

Genus Gentiana, The / Josef J. Halda

Genus Phalaenopsis, The / Herman R. Sweet, PhD.

Guide to Wisley Garden / The Royal Horticultural Society


Handbook on Gardening in the Shade / Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record Plants and Gardens

Handbook on Miniature Gardens / Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record Plants and Gardens

Handbook on Rock Gardening / Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record Plants and Gardens

Handbook on Rock Gardening, Getting Started, Keeping Going, and Advanced Techniques / Brooklyn Botanic Garden Record-Plants and Gardens (2 books)

Hardy Geraniums / Peter F. Yeo

Himalayan Garden, Growing Plants from the Roof of the World, The / Jim Jermyn

How to Plan, Establish, and Maintain Rock Gardens / George Schenk


Improving Your Garden Soil / The Editorial Staff of Ortho Books


Lewisias / Roy Elliott

Little Garden, The / George M. Taylor

Lychnis and Silene in the Garden / James L. Jones


Manual of Alpine Plants / Will Ingwersen

Miniature Alpine Gardening / Lawrence D. Hills

Miniature Gardens / Carl Joachim

Mosses and Other Bryophytes / Bill and Nancy Malcolm


New Seed Starters Handbook, The / Nancy Bubel


Orchids / Sunset Books

Ornamental Conifers / Charles R. Harrison

Ornamental Grasses for the Home and Garden / Mary Hockenberry Meyer and Robert G. Mower


Patio Roofs and Gazebos / Sunset Books

Peat Garden, The / Alfred Evans, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

Pelagoniums / David Clark

Picture Book of Perennials, The / Arno and Irene Nehrling

Plant Propagation in Pictures / Montague Free

Plants of Pennsylvania, The / Ann Fowler Rhoads and Timothy A. Block

Pleasure of Gardening - Rock and Alpine Gardens, A Complete Practical Guide, The / Mary Moody

Polyanthus for Garden, Exhibit and Market, The / Roy Genders

Primroses and Spring / Doretta Klaber

Primula / John Richards

Propagation of Alpine Plants / J. K. Hulme

Propagation of Alpine Plants and Dwarf Bulbs, The / Brian Halliwell


Reflections of the Spirit-Japanese Gardens in America / Maggie Oster

Rock and Alpine Gardens / Thomas H. Everett

Rock Garden, The / E. H. Jenkins

Rock Garden and Alpine Plants / Raymond Foster

Rock Garden Design and Construction / NARGS

Rock Garden Plants of North America / The NARGS-Anthology from their Bulletins

Rock Gardener's Handbook, The / Alan Titchmarsh

Rock Gardening / Charles O. Cresson (American Gardening Series-Burpee)

Rock Gardening / Roy Genders

Rock Gardening - A Guide to Growing Alpines and Other Wildflowers in the American Garden / H. Lincoln Foster

Rock Gardens / E. B. Anderson

Rock Gardens / Douglas Bartrum

Rock Gardens / William Schacht (2 books)

Rock Gardens and Alpine Plants / David Joyce

Rock Gardens Through the Year / Karl Foerster

Rocky Mountain Alpines / The American Rock Garden Society and Its Rocky Mountain Chapter Royal Botanic Garden / Edinburgh


Saxifrages / Winton Harding

Saxifrages and Related Genera / Fritz Kohlein Seed Germination

Seed Germination Theory and Practice / Norman C. Deno

Seeds of Wildland Plants, Collecting, Processing and Germinating / James A. and Cheryl G. Young

Serious Gardener-Rock Gardeners, The / The New York Botanic Garden


Theory and Practice / Norman C. Deno

Tips for the Lazy Gardener / Linda Tilgner

Trilliums / Frederick W., Jr. and Roberta B. Case


Various Early Perennials / Compiled by Madeline Modic

Various Foliage Plants / Compiled by Madeline Modic


Wall and Water Gardens / Gertrude Jekyll

Water Gardening / Ken Dluse

Wild Flowering Barrens / Al List, Jr. and Bill Cahill

Wildflowers Across America / Lady Bird Johnson and Carlton B. Lees

Wild Flowers of the United States / Harold William Rickett (3 Volumes)

Wisley Book of Gardening-A Guide for Enthusiasts, The / The Royal Horticultural Society

World of Cactus and Succulents / Ortho Books


Spring Wild Flowers of the Eastern Forests

Spring Wildflowers of the Mid-Atlantic Region (2 copies)


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