FMTP Weed Warrior Service Projects
       (Invasive Removal & Revegetation) 

                                     2014 Weed Warrior Annual Report




Background & Goals

Mt. Tabor Park is located in the heart of SE Portland and treasured by community members including hikers, bikers, runners, dog walkers and nature lovers.  In recent years it has become apparent that the condition of the flora in the park is not adequate to sustain the long-term health of the ecosystem.  In response, about eight years ago, Friends of Mt. Tabor Park (FMTP), in cooperation with City of Portland Parks and Recreation (PP&R), initiated volunteer efforts to restore health to the park by removing invasive species such as Himalayan blackberry and English ivy that spread rapidly and dominate native plants, preventing them from growing.  Every last Saturday from March through October FMTP Weed Warrior volunteers meet at the kiosk of the main parking lot (near the amphitheatre) of Mt. Tabor Park. See below for a special event planned for the last Saturday in January.

In October 2012 the FMTP Weed Warriors were awarded a Spirit of Portland Award, the Sandy Diedrich Environmental Stewardship Award by the City of Portland. 

FMTP and the Bureau of Environmental Services (BES) of the City of Portland contributed funds to the environmental restoration efforts and enabled the hiring of a part-time volunteer service coordinator in March 2010. For a wealth of information about habitat restoration currently taking place in Mt. Tabor Park, go to:

Goals of the FMTP Weed Warrior project for 2015 include: 

·       Organize and conduct the Saturday morning service projects aimed at: 1) maintaining areas to the east side of Harvey Scott Circle (units 5 and 6) by removing invasive plants and caring for native plantings (mulching and weeding around); 2) monitoring areas for recurring and new invasive plant growth; and 3) attend to other areas of the park and control any high ranked invasive plants such as Scotch broom, tansy ragwort, Japanese knotweed that continue to show up at particular times of the year;

·      Provide a comprehensive crew leader training program to increase volunteer knowledge of both invasive and native vegetation and to help volunteers work more efficiently and effectively; 

·      Increase the numbers of individual volunteers and organizational partners who choose to become more than episodic volunteers;

·      Continue to increase invasive species removal capacity by strengthening current collaboration with PP&R, BES, Hands on Greater Portland and SOLVE and establishing collaborative agreements with new partners interested in a park steward program or a service project alternative; and,

·      With PP&R, BES, and the Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association work to increase community knowledge of the state of health of the natural areas of Mt. Tabor Park, habitat restoration efforts, the aims of this project, and how volunteers can become involved. 

Join a Last Saturday Weed Warrior Service Project

Volunteers meet for service projects the last Saturday of the month from March through October. The Weed Warrior volunteer service coordinator and volunteer crew leaders will share their knowledge of the natural habitat, demonstrate how to remove non-native vegetation, and help keep us organized, safe and motivated! We will make sure that you are comfortable and contribute in ways that match your skills and interests.

We’ll be focusing on BES Units 5 and 6, located on the eastside of the Park, on the hillside below Harvey Scott Circle drive, and just to the east of the grand staircase that takes visitors to the top of the mountain from the upper parking lot. 

          2015 Last Saturday Weed Warrior Schedule:

          TIME:         9am – 12pm


          March--------- 28th          

          April----------- 25th          

          May------------ 30th          

          June----------- 27th          

          July------------ 25th          

          August-------- 29th          

          September--- 26th          

          October------- 31st          

Where to meet:

Meet at the Visitor Center by the main parking lot (adjacent to the amphitheatre) on the north side of the park. Enter from SE 69th & Yamhill, turning west up the hill or come all the way up the road from the SE 60th & SE Salmon entrance.

Plan to come 5-10 minutes early to sign-in. If you arrive late, we’ll have information at the sign-in table regarding our whereabouts.


 2015 Crew Leader Training Schedule: 

          DATE                                          TIME

          Sat., February------ 28th              10am – 2pm

          Sat., March---------- 21st              10am – 2pm

Become an Organizational Partner and a Park Steward 

If your organization is interested in becoming a partnercontact Mary Kinnick at or 503-287-6959. We’re interested in identifying organizations and agencies willing to commit to a particular level of volunteering at specific times of the year and in specific areas. Another way to help is to make a financial contribution to the effort. Funds are needed each year to replenish tools and supplies. Also consider joining Friends of Mt. Tabor Park! Your membership dues and donations help contribute to this project. 

FMTP Weed Warrior Advisory Committee 

If you’re interested in finding out more about serving on this Advisory Committee, contact Mary Kinnick at or 503-287-6959.

Special areas of expertise sought include: knowledge of native and non-native/invasive flora and fauna, invasive vegetation removal techniques, birds (including migration patterns, nesting habitat, etc.), trees, and grant-writing skills. Members have an interest in learning more about and contributing ideas to the native habitat restoration plans and current efforts in Mt. Tabor Park, and a passion for this Douglas fir forest gem. The Committee meets twice a year. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)


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