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Goal 4
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                    Competency Goal 4                   

To establish positive and productive relationships with families.


In my program we respect each family’s cultural background, childrearing techniques, and religious beliefs. I make sure that each child’s individual culture is represented in my classroom. We have ethnic décor, multicultural paints and dolls, and the word ‘welcome’ translated in five different languages near the door. We also provide multicultural and non-stereotypical books for children and families to look at. We do not celebrate birthdays or holidays at my center because not all children participate; although families are encouraged to share their traditions. I respect childrearing techniques by trying to follow the same discipline style as parents. For example, I have a three year old child in my classroom right now, who is not yet potty trained. His mother would like him to sit on the toilet every half hour. Every half hour we sit him on the toilet and write down whether or not he relieved himself.

 I also support children’s sense of belonging to their families. I do this by taking pictures of families and posting them on the wall. Children are encouraged to talk about their families during circle, and families are encouraged to visit the classroom often. Once a month, we have night where families come to the center after hours, and do an activity together. Another thing that I do, is allow children to speak in their preferred language. There are a few children in my class who do not speak English, so we try to learn some of the basic words of their language. I put bi-lingual signs around the classroom, and sing bi-lingual songs at circle.

I tell parents about children’s achievements and share their pleasure when children learn new abilities. I do this by providing routine progress reports and parent conferences. Daily I have a short discussion with parents about their child’s day. I like to take lots of pictures of children doing their activities. I provide parents with copies of pictures when I can. Last week I observed a three year child stringing beads for the first time. I took pictures of this skill and created a beautiful display of him in the process of learning. On the display I also included what he did, and what he learned from stringing the beads. His mother was thrilled to see that I cared so much about her child’s achievement.

In my classroom I send home projects that are made by children. I do this by providing each child with a folder. When the child has created something, they may place it in the folder to be taken home. Parents are encouraged to check their child’s folder each Friday.

By respecting each family and supporting children’s sense of belonging to their families I let parents know that they are welcome and appreciated. By telling parents about their children’s achievements and sending home their projects, I let both parents and children know that I care about them. I have a great relationship with the families that I work with!