Descendants of James Hughey

Third Generation

4. James H. Hughey (John , James ) was born about 1758 in Union, Sc. He died in 1818 in Morgan, Ga.

James married Dorcas Withrow about 1782 in , Sc. Dorcas was born about 1764 in Brunswick, Nc.

They had the following children:

  14 F i Rachel Hughey was born about 1783 in , Union, Sc.
        Rachel married James Young on 13 Nov 1799 in , Oglethorpe, Ga. James was born about 1783.
  15 M ii John Hughey was born about 1785 in , Union, Sc.
        John married Dorcas Young on 31 Jan 1806 in , Oglethorpe, Ga. Dorcas was born about 1785.
+ 16 M iii James Hughey
  17 F iv Mary Hughey was born about 1789 in , Union, Sc.
        Mary married Unknown Carson about 1806 in , Ga. Unknown was born about 1789.
  18 F v Elizabeth Hughey was born about 1791 in , Union, Sc.
        Elizabeth married Absolom Harper son of Alexander Thornton Harper and Elizabeth Jones on 12 Jul 1806 in , Clarke, Ga. Absolom was born in 1778 in , Nc. He died on 12 Jul 1806 in Clarke, Ga.
+ 19 M vi Joseph Peter Hughey
  20 F vii Hannah Hughey was born about 1794 in , Union, Sc.
        Hannah married James White in 1811 in , Madison, Ga. James was born about 1793.
  21 F viii Dorcas Hughey was born about 1795 in , Union, Sc.
        Dorcas married Benjamin Merrill about 1815 in , Ga. Benjamin was born about 1795.
  22 F ix Jane Hughey was born about 1797 in , Union, Sc.
        Jane married John Humber about 1815 in , Ga. John was born about 1797.
+ 23 M x Ephrim Hughey
  24 M xi William Hughey was born about 1801 in , Union, Sc.
  25 F xii Aley Hughey was born about 1805 in , Oglethorpe, Ga. She died in Chambers, Al.
        Aley married Hugh Strayhorn about 1820 in , Ga. Hugh was born about 1803.
  26 M xiii Isaac Hughey.
  27 F xiv Josephine Hughey.

7. George Hughey (John , James ) was born about 1764 in Union, Sc. He died in 1839 in , Spartanburg, Sc.

Will probated 1840 Spartanburg, SC.
Deeded land in Spartanburg 8-22-1799 from Hance Harper on Lawson's fork and another 208 acres east of Lawson's fork.

George married Unknown Unkn about 1785. Unknown was born about 1770.

They had the following children:

  28 M i William Hughey was born about 1785 in , Union, Sc.
  29 F ii Polly Hughey was born about 1787 in , Union, Sc.
        Polly married James Soesbee about 1807 in , Sc. James was born about 1787.
  30 F iii Nancy Hughey was born about 1789 in , Union, Sc.
        Nancy married John Blackwell about 1807 in , Sc. John was born about 1787.
  31 M iv Thomas Hughey was born about 1791 in , Union, Sc.
        Thomas married Polly Unknown about 1811 in , Sc. Polly was born about 1791.
  32 F v Margaret Hughey was born about 1793 in , Union, Sc.
        Margaret married John Bush about 1813 in , Sc. John was born about 1793.
  33 M vi John Hughey was born about 1795 in , Union, Sc.
  34 M vii James Hughey was born about 1797 in , Union, Sc.
  35 M viii Samuel Hughey was born about 1799 in , Union, Sc.
  36 F ix Elizabeth Hughey was born about 1801 in , Union, Sc.
        Elizabeth married Unknown Copeland about 1821 in , Sc. Unknown was born about 1801.
  37 F x Frances Hughey was born about 1803 in , Union, Sc.
        Frances married Unknown Copeland about 1823 in , Sc. Unknown was born about 1803.

9. Joseph Hughey (John , James ) was born about 1768 in Union, Sc. He died on 9 Aug 1829 in Walton, Ga.


Joseph Hughey
Hannah Noland

Joseph Hughey was born in Union County North Carolina about 1768, theson of John Hughey and Mary. John Hughey died in 1794 in Union County andleft a will naming Joseph Hughey as one of his children. One year laterJoseph married Hannah Noland.

A treaty held in Washington, D. C., on November 14, 1805, ceded theland between the Oconee and Ocmulgee Rivers to the United States by theCreek Nation of the Indians. The 1805 Land Lottery settled original WayneCounty in the southeast corner of the state, and the first five landdistricts of the original Baldwin and Wilkinson Counties, Georgia. The1807 Land Lottery completed the surveying and distribution of the landlots in Baldwin and Wilkinson. A married man, with wife and/or minorchild, a three-year resident of Georgia was authorized 2 draws. A lot wasfor 202½ acres and would be charges a fee of $12.15 for each lot.(1)

The records shows that Joseph Hughey received one lot in BaldwinCounty and one lot in Wilkinson County. Joseph was living in the 5thMilitary District of Baldwin County when he took part in the lottery.(1)

Morgan County Georgia was created by land taken from Baldwin County onDecember 10, 1807.(2). Evidently Joseph's land was in the part that wastransferred to Morgan County, he paid taxes in the Hughey District ofMorgan County in 1810.(3) By the same reference, Joseph paid taxes inMorgan County in 1817.

On January 6, 1817, Joseph Hughey gave security, Guardian Bond, in thedeath of George Noland in Morgan County. George Noland was most likelythe father of his wife, Hannah Noland.(4)

Joseph Hughey was in the 1820 census. The census showed that he wasover 45 and had 3 males under 10, 1 male between 10 and 16. He also had 2females between 10 and 16, 1 female between 16 and 25, and his wifebetween 25 and 45. He also had 2 slaves.

There were several land transactions between Joseph and other peoplein Morgan County as follows. November 1815, June 1821, December 1821,March 1822, and July 1823.(5)

Walton County Georgia was created by land transferred from JacksonCounty on December 15, 1818. In 1820 and 1821 there were many transfersof lands between the different counties.(6)

I could not find any other land transactions for Joseph in MorganCounty after July 1823. However we do find that Joseph Hughey bought landon July 10, 1823 in Walton County, however it was not recorded until May23, 1827. That could indicate that there were questions about what countythey were really lived in.(7)

There are also records that shows that Joseph bought land in WaltonCounty, again, in 1827, and then in 1829 transferred the land to his twoyoungest children, Ephriam and Susan Hughey.(8)

On March 25, 1829, Joseph Hughey made out a deed and transferred theproperty to his two youngest children. The deed reads as follows:

"State of Georgia : Know all men by their presents that I, JosephHughey
Walton County : of the county & state aforesaid, for the good willand affection, I have and act toward my two youngest children EphriamHughey & Susan Hughey have on this day give, granted & bequeath unto thesaid Ephriam & Susan the following property. No 1, Two Negro children,answered by the names Eliza & Rudy?, both girls about seven or eightyears of age and our track of land lying in the said county of Walton &in the first district known as the place of said first district by lotnumber sixty seven (67), containing two hundred and fifty acres, To haveand hold said property from the death of the said Joseph Hughey, and itis understood that I the said Joseph do reserve the right of the use &labor of said Negro girls so long as I shall live and also the right ofdisposing by transfer of the lot of land should I be so disposed & canget a fair price for the same but not of the Negroes."

In witness whereof I the said Joseph Hughey have this day hereunto putmy hand & seal this twenty fifth day of March eighteen hundred and twentynine.

Signed & Sealed acknowledged Sig- Joseph Hughey (seal)
& delivered in presence of
Richard Butler JP Recorded this 25 March 1829."(8)

Joseph Hughey died in Walton County Georgia on August 9, 1829. Hischildren were as follows:(9)
1. James Hughey born c1797
2. Sarah Hughey born 1799 married Edward Oliver Huston Dowevon
3. Seaborn Hughey born c1800 married March 20, 1827 in Greene County,GA to Lucy Patrick.
4. Thomas Hughey born c1803 married in Greene County, GA to Sarah B.Fielder.
5. Joseph L. Hughey born c1805 married Jan 21, 1838 in Henry County,GA to Mary Daniel.
6. Mary Hughey born c1807 married Aug 8, 1826 in Walton County, GA toCharles L. Holmes.
7. Ephraim George Copeland Hughey born Jan 14, 1809 married 1) Jan 1,1835 in Coweta County, GA to Sarah Jane Ann Jones; 2) Frances Turnerdied April 27, 1890 in Clayton County, GA.
8. Susan Emma Hughey born c1813 married Aug 16, 1829 in Walton County,GA to William G. Bilbo.

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(9) Children from William C. Daniel of Birmingham AL and Linda Laminack.

Joseph married Hannah Noland daughter of George Noland WFT Est 1784-1816. Hannah was born about 1770 in Fairfield, Sc. She died after 5 May 1852 in Newnan, Coweta, Ga.

They had the following children:

  38 M i James Hughey was born about 1797. He died WFT Est 1798-1887.
  39 F ii Sarah Hughey was born in 1799. She died WFT Est 1813-1893.
        Sarah married Edward Oliver Huston Donevon WFT Est 1813-1846. Edward was born WFT Est 1782-1802. He died WFT Est 1816-1888.
  40 M iii Seaborn Hughey was born about 1800. He died WFT Est 1832-1891.
        Seaborn married Lucy Patrick on 20 Mar 1827. Lucy was born WFT Est 1789-1811. She died WFT Est 1832-1900.
  41 M iv Thomas Hughey was born about 1803. He died WFT Est 1820-1893.
        Thomas married Sarah B. Fielder WFT Est 1820-1853. Sarah was born WFT Est 1799-1819. She died WFT Est 1820-1903.
  42 M v Joseph L. Hughey was born about 1805. He died WFT Est 1843-1896.
        Joseph married Mary Daniel on 21 Jan 1838. Mary was born WFT Est 1798-1821. She died WFT Est 1843-1909.
  43 F vi Mary Hughey was born about 1807 in Baldwin, Ga. She died WFT Est 1841-1902.
        Mary married Charles L. Holmes on 8 Aug 1836. Charles was born WFT Est 1787-1816. He died WFT Est 1841-1901.
+ 44 M vii Ephriam George Copeland Hughey
  45 F viii Susan Emma Hughey was born about 1813 in Morgan Ga. She died WFT Est 1835-1907.
        Susan married William G. Bilbo on 16 Aug 1829. William was born WFT Est 1784-1813. He died WFT Est 1834-1900.

10. Thomas Hughey Sr (John , James ) was born about 1770 in , Union, Sc. He died about 1805 in , Washington, Ga.

Greene, GA lot 130 15 jan 1806


Thomas married Susannah Jones daughter of John Jones and Elizabeth "Betsey" Adair in 1792 in Laurens, Sc. Susannah was born about 1774 in Laurens, S. C.. She died in 1838 in , Newton, Ga. She was buried in 1838 in David Thrasher Cemetery near Butler Bridge, Newton, Ga.

DEATH DATE WAS GIVEN AS 1838. She is buried in the David Thrasher Family Cemetery in Cora, Newton County.

Thomas and Susannah had the following children:

+ 46 M i John Hughey
+ 47 F ii Elizabeth "Betsey" Hughey
+ 48 F iii Mary "Polly" Hughey
+ 49 F iv Aley Hughey
  50 M v William Dickson Hughey was born in 1800 in Greene, Ga. He died in 1849 in , Ga.

+ 51 M vi Joseph Armstrong Hughey
+ 52 M vii Thomas J. Hughey

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