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This resource was created as a means of sharing diet-related information among parents of galactosemic children. This site was written by a parent of a child with Galactosemia.  It was NOT prepared by a professional!  Please check ingredient labels and check with your own doctors/nutritionist before using these products.  Please keep in mind that the Galactosemic diet is a very controversial one.  It is important to follow your own doctor's advice, because what one clinic recommends for diet may not be what another recommends.

Please consider contributing food ideas and/or recipes to this site.  If we all contribute on a regular basis to this site it will help to maintain its timeliness and usefulness. I am also open to any other suggestions that you may have for this site.

If you find any errors in this list, or have any comments about it, I would appreciate you sharing it with me.

Thank you,
Therese Cozzo

Note to those who have food allergies:

This web site was written for parents of galactosemic children. It was not written with those with food allergies in mind. If you are reading this site because you or your child has a food allergy, please keep this in mind. Galctosemia is NOT the same as a food allergy.


The author of this web site has no expertise in food allergy issues. In addition, she is unable to provide allergy information concerning the products on this web site nor is she able to provide advice regarding dietary issues.

Additional Comments:

Please keep in mind that....

*We (my husband and I ) allow soy products.

 *At this time we (my husband and I) are not overly concerned about artificial/natural flavors when present in small quantities.  (Many companies have told us that if these "flavors" were derived from milk, it would have to say so on the label.)

 *We (my husband and I) allow most fruits/vegetables.