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"A shadow person may be a
demon or malevolent entity"

"Shadow People are Extraterrestrials."

"Shadow people are time travelers from our future"

"Shadow people are interdimensional beings."

"Shadow people are nothing more than people or the
essence of a person having an out-of-body experience."

"Maybe shadow people are the 'crap' that we leave behind,
after we die, that can't go with us to our next place"

With all that said, I don't know what shadow people
are but if your seeing them, then your not alone!


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Here is what I think.
Shadow People are those black figures you see out of the corner
or your eye. Sometimes it can be explained away as a trick of
the light or your own hair blowing by the side of your face.

Then there are the other times where you see it, it sees you and it hides or moves and then it's gone. My personal opinion is they are energy beings
from another dimension.

Some are just curious and step through to our dimension to look around or have some innocent fun. Others are criminals who hang around and wait for an unwitting human to see them and give them a name and a personality.. They are willing to become whatever our darkest thoughts can imagine.

It will be a ghost if that is what you call it. It will be a demon and try to take your soul or a creature that lives under ground in the hollow earth. It is a succubus or incubus and will attack sexually.
Take my advice.
They are 'shadow people'
...hollow, impotent,
extra dimensional voyeurs.

It's ok to see them, but don't think about it too much.


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One Persons Story

My daughter first had contact with a particularly nasty shadow person who would appear as a male in a black cape and black hat. She was 14 at the time. He would startle her, of course, and make her feel uneasy.

At the time we were going through some family difficulties and though, usually, she was a strong willed kid this entity got the best of her.

He tormented and frightened her and seemed to get stronger with every encounter. finally he verbally threatened her and she was pushed to the wall by an unseen force. We subdued the creature by building her confidence and strength. I asked her when in her life did she feel the most powerful. At that time she was a catcher on her school softball team and we had purchased great looking catchers equipment.

She looked like a cyber soldier in it!! So, when she went to bed I would lay out her stuff next to her in bed. It looked like she was not alone and I also blocked a private entrance to her bathroom with an extra large stuffed animal that she had won at a Jersey Shore ring toss game. As she felt stronger the black hat guy diminished in strength. Or my daughter surpasses his strenght. Either way, now he is truly a shadow. Unable to do any more harm.

We often see shadow critters in our home and people too. They try to stay out of our sight. Thanks.

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Now the rest of the story

Well that version of my story is all well and good for anyone trying to teach their 6 year old about shadow people....but here's what's really happening to me. I still see him, and other shadow people everywhere I go. Some are more grey than black...silvery almost...and I know they're more scared of me than I am of them. They are the ones which usually take off running as soon as they know I can see them. Sometimes there are even shadow cats or spiders which dont even seem to care that I can see them. They just go about their business.

But the guy in long black coat and hat is different. He's never really left me, and I dont think he ever will. I see him less often now, but I always know when he's near me. I can feel him. Its as if someone's tied a thousand pound weight to my consciousness and when he's near the support beams give out and I'm just being relentlessly pulled on by the wieght. Maybe I see him less b/c i've just gotten better at keeping my eyes shut or not looking over at the dark, empty doorway. I never understood why he likes empty doorways so much.

Anyway, the whole catching equiptment thing worked for a while. It made me feel safe and, basically, gave me the strength to keep my eyes shut longer. It made me strong enough to look the other way and not get caught in his those red eyes. That's the worst part about him I think...his eyes. Its an indecribable color red; brighter than enything ive ever seen. Its almost as if they're in the process of burning still. I can only imagine that if one could glimpse the fires of hell that's the color they'd burn...bright, swirling, firey red..but somehow familiar. I think its the familiarity that locks you into his gaze, and its when you're hooked like that that he can really get to you.

After a while, the strength of all the good-luck/good-morale charms in my room wore thin. It was right arround the time I was graduating from highschool...I was so low then...It sounds cliche, but my boyfriend had just left me, I was so scared of college, my mom was moivng to NH....I was just terrified of the world. That's when he made his next move. I remember waking up so many nights to his figure in my doorway, or his eyes hovering near my closet (kinda like that scene in sleeping beauty when the witch disappears but leaves her glowing eyes). I started not sleeping at all or very little. This way, when I did sleep I was so exhausted that nothing could wake me up, not even him.

I thought I would have left him behind when I left for college, but no! I'd see him move past my shower curtain while I was showering. I see him pass by my doorway like he always did at home...and most of all I feel him. I feel him so strongly here at school. Its like he's got a grip on my heart and whenever he wants he can just twist his wrist and pull the strength right out of me.

Things stayed like this....well, they still are like this....but there was this one insident at my mom's apt in NH...I can only explain it as sleep paralysis, but, it was sleep paralysis b/c he actually got a hold of me. This was the first time he'd ever touched me and it was debilitating. I couldn't scream, cry, I could barely breathe...Finally I got out enough air to call for my mom and I moved out to sleep the rest of the morning on the couch. Even as I walked away from the room w/ my mom right next to me, I could still feel that pull...that draining squeeze he had on me.

Even now, as i'm sitting here typing, I can feel his eyes burning straight through me. He knows what i'm doing. I can feel those eyes staring straight into my mind, straight into every bit of consciousness I have as if he's sifting through to see what i'm really up to.

The more I think about him and what he is I realize that....well....have u ever heard the phrase "when u look into the abyss, the abyss looks back"? The only way I can think to say it is....He is my abyss....that's y he can never leave me, or be beaten, becuase he is a part of me. He is the most horrible part of me and he's attached to me like my shadow. He's all the horrible, evil, vile thoughts I cant deny having but surpress. He is the evil or the darkness inside me. That's y I can feel his eyes deep within me always. He's not outside me looking in, he's me looking at what's down in the deepest parts of, what freud would call, my id.

I'll never escape him. No one can escape them. You cannot run from yourself. To acknowloge him is to gain some control. I mean, at least you know who he is. But everyone has these deep, dark, seeded, sordid, vile parts to them. Sometime, as in my case, you can see him. And to engage him in anyway is to, for that moment, bring him to the surface...that's y he's so scarey...there ya have it...

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Here's Ed to Tell You His Story.

Shadow People are real, I have seen them for years. They follow people for what ever reason, and appear when you are most susceptible.

Living in Michigan, the Detroit area in particular, you will see many things that you can not explain. The History goes deep in these parts, and the people that settled here, did so long ago. Look up Michigan Ghost history on the will be amazed.

Anyway, I personally had Shadow people follow me for the better part of my 20's and still see them to this day, I am 32 now. At first, I would feel them following me inside of the house. Then one day, I had this feeling that I was being followed, and turned around very quickly, to witness a shadow on the wall, that was not my own. The shadow then jumped into my own and concealed itself.

As time went on, the shadows became more brave. And the presence not only made you feel uneasy, but the had a smell to them... the smell of sulfur. I was moving out of my house in Roseville, and had 2 aunts over packing up my stuff and cleaning my house with me. I was in the basement of this house, and my aunts were on the main level...My aunt Jeanie was doing the dishes and I heard her say 'something smells like rotten eggs'...then I heard her scream...She said a little shadow was standing in the hallway right behind her...then It ran down the hall and went into the wall in the 2nd bedroom..

My grandmother is part Cherokee Indian, and has psychic abilities. She came over one day, and went right into the basement... put her hand on my wall and said that there were bodies buried here. No one told her that any activity had been going on in the house at all... she was over for our baby shower... and just felt something when she went in to get some ice, because I had the shower for my girlfriend in the back yard... She said that there was evil there, someone had been killed.

The little smelly black shadow people were demons she said...they use to follow my grandfather, and they were only there when he would become violent, and would hang around for a time after he calmed down she said.... they have followed men in our family for as far back as she could remember, she told me that the strong willed and the physically powerful were targets. And that it had to be broken, by a member of the family that these shadow people followed or haunted.

I use to get that mean feeling inside all the time, and never understood where it was coming from...I also had trouble being alone in that house. Now I am a very Strong man, I am not a little guy...I stand around 5'11 and go at 250 lbs. Very solid...Usually I get scared by nothing...but these shadow people scared the hell out of me. I finally had enough of being scared and challenged them...since they seemed to follow me everywhere I moved.

I was standing in a room with people around, and that is when one of them appeared...Now I was not alone, and they saw it as well. I guess my fear, turned into rage...I challenged this thing for the sanity of my being...I could not handle this any longer. Well I was physically assaulted, not by a punch or anything, but this thing actually stopped me from breathing... and I was turning colors...the people there were terrified...they all froze... and left me gasping for air. Finally it let go...I had not given in to it.. I stood my ground and it let go... I have not seen one of them since.

So if they are evil, or demons. Fight back...Obviously they are here for something, and if it is for your soul or your ability to cause damage to what ever physically, because you are a solid being, and can actually touch stuff, or hit people or cause havoc...they obviously need you to do something they can not.

All I can say is, they are not cute little ghost without a clue they are dead, or they are not caught in a different dimension. They are evil... thus the reason they are BLACK, and smell like sulfur! Where is sulfur most common, or thought to be...Hell..

Now you may not believe in God or the Devil... but there is God and Evil.... even if you're an atheist you know this, so if you see a shadow person, fight back... they are there for something, they will not just go away.


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Kelly's Black Blob.

I've seen a black blob many times and have always associated it with Awareness during Sleep Paralysis (ASP). Many people with ASP have seen it or variations of it such as The Dark Man or The Shadow Man.

In general, the black blob manifests to me when I am either about to experience ASP or in what I call an "ASP dream". For instance, I'll wake up and see the black blob starting to manifest as thousands of tiny black dots that then coalesce into an incredibly black (total absence of light) the size and shape of an American football. I can watch this process while awake and it is 100 per cent guaranteed that I will then fall into ASP.

Or it will appear in an ASP dream and when I wake up, it is still there and will follow me into another room as I try to shake off the ASP.

It is black beyond blackness, more an absence of life than anything else. It's pretty damn scary.

People with ASP also see a dark, hooded creature.

It always intrigues me how most people with ASP (such as me) insist that they are not UFO abductees and how most UFO abductees insist they are not experiencing ASP - yet there does seem to be a grey (no pun intended) area there - perhaps what one could call a fortean or liminal area - that keeps popping up.

I've never seen the Dark Man, Shadow Man, or Hooded Man in ASP (except for the one time I saw a tall creature that wore a white hooded gown and said it was going to live under the storm drain in the basement). I usually see the black "football".

Hope this is of some help and thank you.


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I lost your address. Please contact me through the feedback. If you don't want to then just go here.

Awareness During Sleep Paralysis Good Luck, Jan

I'm not sure what kind of problem I am having, be it astral projection or shadow people, but it has me scared now. "It" has been happening for years and has now become violent.

Two months ago I was dragged through my house by my sholders by somethig I couldn't see. I could however see things in my home clearly. I was scared and forced myself to wake up. When I did wake up I was in the fetal position in the middle of the bed.

Two nights ago it got worse. I was being held down by a dark figure while I was sexually violated. I was punching and kicking and trying to get away. I again forced myself to wake up. Same thing, I was in the fetal position and hadn't moved at all. I have a large bruise on my thigh along with scratches.

What is going on with me?

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One Very Close Call.

Hi, I'm 22 years old...I'm not really into ghosts and things like that, but I am a christian and believe in God and satan and that he was thrown out of heaven onto earth, and is ON earth and not in hell...hell is a prison God plans to send the devil after revelations. So for now...he is on earth.

Well anyway to my point. My dad listens to Art Bell every night and while I was playin a game I over heard some one say something about "Shadow People" and it caught my attention.

I have experience this more than once but one times stands out in my mind. My story is a little different though...from what I read on the internet...people only see them in flashes...I actually stared at one for some time.

One night when I was younger....about 16 or 17...I was at the house by myself. My pops was workin off shore and I was alone. It was startin to get late and I was watchin Tv.

I had that feeling you used to get if you walked into an empty room you've never been in. Not like when you at home and you know someone's there.

Well all of a sudden I had this overwhelming feeling someone was behind me, so I turned around and no one was there. I don't usually scare easy, But I was pretty nervouse. Now at this time I wasn't thinkin ghost or anything but more like a burglar or something. So I went and got my dads this is important...It was a six shooter and I opened it up and it was empty.

I looked around for his bullets but couldn't find any. So I was like, ok... well at least I can scare some one if they are breaking in. So I walked around every room and checked every corner and turned on all the lights wich is kinna embarrasin and not something I would normaly do, but This feelin of some one being there was overwhelming.So Finnaly after checkin the whole house I went back to my room to go to sleep. I was still a little nervouse so I kept the pistol and put it under my pillow.

After about five minutes I thought about accidently shootin my head off so I turned on the lamp by my bed and double checked to make sure there were no bullets. It was empty. But just to be safe I put it on the lamp stand next to me.

Well after about 5 to 10 mins later my eyes started to adjust to the light because I couldn't fall asleep without openin my eyes everynow in. I just had this feelin of being watched. Well you know when you eyes adjust and the room goes from pitch black to a greyish, or blue glow where you can see fairly well.

Well I have white walls and a pretty empty room. No coat racks or anything like that. If something stands infront of my wall I can see it pretty well. Well when I open my eyes once...near the corner by my door I saw what look like the shadow of a man. I got scared a crap.I didn't move at all though, I acted asleep and kind of peeked at him.

He was just standin there watchin me.

I think about 5 mins passed of us just watchin each other. Now this whole time I've been just lookin at it not movin, tryin to notice if he was holdin anything or figure out what the crap was goin on. I didn't know if I was imagining this or what,

then It moved a little, like it took a step forward.

Now the best way I could describe it is if you look at a "real shadow" thats from a looks 2D. like on thats on the ground. This one looked 3D like it had substance to it. What was weird is that Normally if a human was in the dark after your eyes ajusted to the light they look grey because, fair skin reflects light. Even a dark skinned person would to some degree. But this thing was pitch black.

I could see it because it was right infront of my white wall. Now as I was sayin when I got enough guts I finnaly just sat up in my bed and lean towards it. And thats when It leaned in about 3 or 4 feet infront of my face, then it cocked it's head to the side much like a dog or puppy does. I saw its face and it was like....A human's face, but mad out of a pitch black solid cloud. Not smokey...but like skin that was darker than dark, with no eyes, just indentins where the eyes would be. Kinna like if you saw someone pressing there head on the wall of a tent and your were on the inside and just saw the facial feature indentions.

Well after He leaned in, I fell back into my bed, and to this day I don't know why I threw the covers over my face like a little kid, lol. I don't know why but The fear that struck me when it looked at me was like an emotional punch in the chest. The only thing I could do is pray, and I prayed untill I fell asleep.

Well the next morning, and this is were it gets weird. I woke up and when its daylight and I thought back on it, It was scary but not as scary as it was while it was happening. So I went to go put the gun up and as I was walkin down the hall my door bell rang. It was my friend that always came over about that time. So I awnsered the door with my gun in hand.He said "Whats up Bitch" in a joking manner and for some uknown reason for this was not somthing I'd normaly do, I raised the gun up at him (Knowin I double checked it last night for bullets and it was empty) and said "Call me a bitch again" He says to this day he don't know why he said this but he had a bad feeling and was like "nah man quit trippin, put the gun down".

Now the scary thing my head if he woulda called me a bitch I woulda pulled the trigger and made it go "Click" and then laugh it off. But he didn't say it so I put it down and said "Thats what I thought". We turned around and I was walkin to go put the gun up and after about 4 steps "BOOOM" the gun went off and bounced off the floor and about 2 more times off sumptin in the kitchen.

It was an old 22 so it didn't do much but my mouth dropped to the floor. I opened it up and it was fully loaded minus one bullet that just shot.

I don't know if that shadow thing loaded it or what, but I KNOW that gun was empty because I was hopin it had bullets when I thought a burglar was in my house. I double checked it

...I know when you hear this from some one else it hard to believe and there is really no way to prove it. But that was one of the scariest things that ever happened to me and I still can't explain it. I wasn't drunk or on any drugs, and I was alone in the house.

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It Runs in the Family.

Ive been seeing these weird beings for a number of years.

My first experience was when I was in high school and I was working at the local funeral home, I guess this was back in 1991. One afternoon I was in the basement of the funeral home alone and I noticed a black figure from the corner of my eye race by. Needless to say I was really spooked and ran upstairs like lightning.

I didnt really think too much about it until it started happening at my home. I'd be in the basement watching TV and would notice a dark figure from the corner of my eye standing near the pool table watching me. As soon as I'd turn to look at it it was gone.....this happened many times over the years.

One day I decided to tell my mom about it and she said she had been seeing the exact same thing for a number of years as was my brother....My father, who does not believe in anything supernatural at all finally admitted that he too had been seeing these beings or whatever they were........

...I have since been married and moved out and havent seen them too much since. They never did anything to scare us but it was just weird knowing that someone or something was there that didnt seem to be human.

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Shadow Contamination.

My name is Jodie, I am 34 now but I started seeing shadow beings when I was in my 20's. I have had many encounters with different kinds of shadow beings, from seeing harmless shadows of people walking through my room to an entity far more frightening. It is the events of the terrifying ones that I wish to share in hopes of helping others, as other people's stories have helped me. At least now I know I am not alone.

Years ago a friend of mine started telling me that he was seeing shadows move and felt there was something sinister in its nature. More like something hiding within the shadows, he said. He would even spend the night at my house to avoid being at home.

About a year later several of my friends had, at different times, reported to me that they could see a huge shadow that went up the wall and onto the ceiling that followed me. It was blatent actually as it did not hide, it was more like it was a lar ge shadow that wasn't suppose to be there. And it moved wherever I did and stayed as close to me as possible. Anyone who was accute noticed.

I had seen it myself, but chose to keep silent about it because at that time I wondered if it was something helpful. The reason I thought it may be helpful was because I am a soft-spoken person, "kind to a fault" as my friends often tell me, but at that time I was getting ...angry. At first it was a good thing! Suddenly I was taking up for myself with an inner strength I never knew I had. I have to tell you also, that I had never felt so much like I was being watched until that time. I do not like to talk about this, but within the following year my anger grew beyond me and my personality completely changed. Not to say I was possesessed, but greatly influenced.

(To answer any questions - no I do not use drugs and no history of psychosis runs in my family at all.) I was not myself, and I could feel the darkness getting stronger. But that took a long time, and there were other events that happened first:

Three months later, a shadowy being showed up in my friends home, before their newborn was taken from this world mysteriously. The difference between what was watching me and theirs was that it was much more elusive and fleeting at their house. You could only see it out of the corner of your eye - but its presence was known by all who visited them at that time. In hindsight it was as if something was hiding in the shadows, like a shadow using shadows to stay hidden. Also, people would hear whispering. They felt as if something was reporting to the huge shadow, as odd as I know that sounds I was a witness to it, and believe it as well.

About 3 years went by and I had moved and did not experience any encounters with this being. Just sometimes I would be haunted by small black shadowy orbs that were faint in density. I can't explain my stupidity but I never thought it was the same thing as the big shadow or the shadow people. I was myself again, it was a long hard road to recover from the darkness that had taken a hold over me. But gradually the incidences got worse and it was not long before I was seing dark shadows that were not the same as the big one of times past, but mis-shapened beings about 6 ft. tall that would move out of the corner of my eye, actually from one shadow to the next and never out into the room that I ever saw. It would stay against the walls, ceiling or floor.

Friends noticed that the atmosphere changed in my home, it no longer felt good. I was not going to let anything get the better of me this time, but I was at my wits end and sick of shadows. Then, one night I was asleep and something just did not seem right and I started to realize that I was not alone in the room. Before I was fully awake I suddenly saw flowers in front of me on a thick cord. (Yeah I know - weird!) The most beautiful tropical-like flowers I had ever seen - it was so real I could smell them, so instinctively I reached out to touch them. That is when the red flag went off in my mind, and I just KNEW that I was being decieved and I opened my eyes (still confused but now very much awake and alert ). I really thought someone broke in my home but what I saw was the black outline of a hooded being - that turned to run away. I guess I was just so fed up with this thing that I actually got up and chased it. Why I can't say - what I expected to do if I "caught" it who knows?! As it approached the doorway it was getting smaller and it finally went around the corner and behind a bookcase as a small 'animal' - like a rat or something.

That was about two years ago, and so far all I have seen are fleeting shadowy orbs again - but few and very far bet ween.

But I do feel obliged to tell you that my brothers ex-wife showed up on my doorstep about a month afterwards for a short visit. I had not seen her in years. She came back a few days later and told me of having seen a black image of a 'man' walking down the hall in her home and into her bedroom - her dog chased after it and as the dog went into the room the dark shadow 'man' came back out past the dog and changed shape into a large rat and ran down to the end of the hallway until it dissappeared through the wall. It was then that I told her of my experience. The importance of this however, is that from this incident I started to realize that whoever I have come into contact with - even for a short period of time has had encounters with this entity.

Everyone in my family that I have visited and all my friends throughout the years. Some of my brothers friends have seen it, and so on. Its like we have all been contaminated somehow. A boy I talked to once said he used to be a Devil worshiper (now reformed) and so I told him about these things feeling confident he would say they are demonic, but he was convinced they were what he called "Watchers". I have not found out anything about that and would welcome help from anyone who may know if there is any merit to that.

Thank You Sincerely, Jodie

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The Hooded Man in the Trees.

This happened to me last night, which is why I went on the web to find out more about it.

Around 11pm last night me and my boyfriend were walking out a friend that had came over and the moment I stepped outside I felt terrified. This just doesn't happen to me, I've seen ghosts ever since I was 4 years old, and even if I feel it's something bad, I don't pay any attention to it. Except for last night.

There are two trees on the hill, very very close to eachother and it was suprisingly really light out last night, for being close to midnight, plus we had on the outside lights. I tried not to look at the two trees, but I really felt compelled to. Sure enough, the moment I looked at the trees there was a thick, solid looking shadow in the shape of a man wearing a hood leaning against the tree listening to us. And it was tall! I judge by the position of it's head against the tree it had to be at least 8 or 9 feet tall. I thought maybe my eyes were just playing tricks on me but I found myself starting at it and then it shifted it's weight! I quckley told my friend that we really needed to get back inside and so he left and me and my boyfriend went back inside the house.

I told him in the bedroom what happened outside and he teasted me a bit about staring at the window in our room. We didn't spend anymore than 30 minutes in the bedroom before he jumped up and said lets get out of here now! I whole heartedly agreed and we about ran out of the room. The moment I reached the door I heard the papers laying on the window rustle angrily. It was very scary!

We jumped on the couch in the living room and I saw the house ghost, (which is a lady in a red dress who likes to stay in Logan's room) come out three times worried about what was happening in our room. I wonder what it was looking for because it didn't follow us to the living room. Needless to say I didn't get much sleep at all last night.

- Delia

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He Defeated the Shadow Man

I have met and defeated the tall black man with the wide-brimmed hat and cloak.

I only encountered him once, about 15 years ago in my mothers old house, but the experience remains very vivid in my mind. A few years ago, I finally mentioned it to her and she said that she had seen him several times before but he stopped around the same time of my encounter. Here's what happened...

My mother was going through some problems and I returned from California to see if I could help her sort them out. I was lying on the couch watching TV one night and I fell asleep. In my dream, I woke up in the same place, lying on the couch watching TV. There was a tall black man with a black hat, cloak, gloves, boots - completely black (no facial features except for a hint of red eyes) standing about 10 feet away (in the door space between the living room and the breakfast nook). He was looking at me. This happened very quickly: he started walking towards me, and each step was faster than the last. He had his arm and hand outstretched, as if he was going to grab my throat. I had no time to react and my subconscious reaction was to screamed out at him "I CLAIM THE BLOOD OF JESUS!".

He immediately vanished. I woke up exactly in the same spot. I never saw him again.

I do have a strong belief in God, but I'm not a "Bible-thumper". I'd like to go to church more often, but I haven't been for many years. Personally, I believe that my faith in God defeated him. Although,
I think that anyone with the power to stand up to him will eliminate his presence.

Recently, I decided to look on the Internet and see if anyone else had experienced this tall black man. I had no idea that so many people had, or what the term "Shadow people" meant. I was astonished and, at the same time, relieved. That's what lead to my email.

I'm not sure what he was, but maybe he was some form of a demon. Perhaps, he's the "crap" that we leave behind, after we die, that can't go with us to our next place.

Tell your readers to confront him and he will go away. Empowering and confidence is the answer, and the stronger, the more effective.


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I Feel The Shadows

This is probably going to sound strange but i can "feel" the shadows. Let me explain a little here. Since I was a young boy, I always had this feeling that there was someone always behind me, a step behind me. For some reason, and I really do not know what this means, I always thought of this feeling as playful so it was never scary for me. Although, I still look over my shoulder and have a hard time facing my back to any door.

Now I bring you to current life. I can feel these, tho I have never seen one. I can sense them and I can feel their movement. Thankfully I have never been able to look at the horror of one of these creatures. They are an overpowering of evil. Everyone has a shadow follower and they will control you if you let them. What I mean by that is they are the essence of everything pure evil. They will attack you when you are your weakest.

If you think things are bad and only getting worse, it is because of them. If everything seems "Backwards" from what is normal, it is because of them. They control so many people. I never actually called them anything in particular, like "Shadow People" or other various phrases, but I now realize that others have the same feelings but in more of a visual scense.

This is scary to me, but I also feel something I haven't read about (yet). There is a counterbalance for the shadows. They can not control you or take power over you. They do not need to interact with you. This is why I believe that nobody ever reports seeing these beings. They are there to control the shadows. They are to the shadows what the shadows are to us. The shadows are scared by them and will run. This is another reason why the shadows are very good at hiding. Unfortunately, it seems like there is less and less of them around. This also scares me, but it could be because I rarely need their protection any more. I really dont know what to call them because "light people" or "the lights" just doesnt work for me. Its not that they are light per say nor "good" but simply another force (possibly evil) controlling another force.

At this point in my life, I still feel the shadow behind me, even now as I sit typing on my computer I can feel the presence. I can feel the presence getting interested even in what I am typing right now. Maybe this was not such a good idea.

Let me give a little guideline that has helped me in the past. Do not let your guard down. If you feel one (or see one) DO NOT BE AFRAID. Fear is the first evil feeling, its like a foot in the door. Do not get a weapon of any kind! Not even a kids toy. This will not help you but can be turned against you, even causing you to accidentally cause harm to yourself or worse. They will mainly attack you when you are alone or with someone that is being controlled. Do not dwell upon things that are bad. You know what I mean. The late bills, the collection agencies are all very stressful and the shadows know this. Its their way to get you started on your journey with them.

I dont mean to sound like someone that knows everything, this is simply what has worked for me in the past and simply my thoughts that I really never shared with anyone because of obvious reasons. Truthfully I am lucky to be alive. Also, please please do not go searching for these shadow people. If you search too hard you will find them where you never thought possible and you WILL be afraid.

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Shadows on a Navy Ship

My first experience with Shadow People as I called them when I first started to witness the spirits was in the years 1959 through 1964 making me 9 to 14 years old. Every Sunday my aunt and uncle would come over to play cards and leave late in the evening. Before they left we would always go outside about 10PM so the men could chat and smoke, we lived in the country with no streetlights or neighbor's within a quarter mile. It was at these times I started to see the dark running shadows, in the summer it was usually pitch black when there was no moon but I could see them run out of the darkness running very low to the ground, like a track and field runner coming out of the blocks. They were blacker than black and came one after the other running past us going across the road and out into the fields.

I witnessed this countless times but I was the only one who could see them, I would even ask, did you see that but my father, uncle and grandfather would just say "see what".

I used to see them every now and then after that until we moved away from the house in 1967. So to get to the point of this whole story we jump to the year 1979.

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The Paranormal Research Group of Bremerton

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